Sunday 10 April 2016

Minor Update: 2.0.0c Released

This is a minor, but mandatory, update that makes several small changes as follows:
  • PS Blocks no longer require a pickaxe to break, their hardness has been increased by 200% to rebalance the change so they aren't too easy to break.
  • Cursed Spectre damage has been reduced by 25%, making it the same as normal Spectres, their spawn rate has also been reduced by 20%.
  •  Butterflies are no longer tied purely to the Meadow biome and can spawn in small numbers anywhere a Plum or Cherry tree is planted.
  • Mobs are now unaffected by Decayed Endstone and can walk over it as a solid block.
  • Honey from GrowthCraft can now be used in all cake recipes (Vanilla, ChocoCraft and DiggysMobs).
  • Rice from GrowthCraft can now be used in DiggysMobs cereal recipes (yep, we now have Gluten Free cereal!).
As always for full details you can check the Changelog on the Technic Platform.

Thanks to nevs010, DigginChickin, Diggybrine & dino_king who made suggestions and gave feedback related to these changes.