Wednesday 27 April 2016

Slenderman Summoning!

If you've read the post about the last update then you'll know that the Slenderman can now be summoned... if you're daring enough!

If you do decide to summon him, you'll need some supplies first in order to build and then activate the summoner, shown below...

As you can see the bottom layer consists of 4 Nether Brick and 4 Iron Bars, with a block of Redstone at the centre, on the top sits an Infused Ectoplasm Block. 

To activate it you must right-click the Infused Ectoplasm Block with a Nether Star. 

The summoner can only be activated at night and when it activates you will loose most of the materials used to build it (except for the Iron Bars). The Nether Star will also be shattered into Nether Star Fragments, one will remain in your hand and the others will drop to the floor. 
Sometimes one of the fragments will be destroyed and so only 2 will drop instead of 3.