Tuesday 19 April 2016

Promotion Changes

As some players noticed the automatic promotions have not been working as intended.

I discussed this with the plugin developer today and due to some limitations reliable "unique days" based promotions are no longer possible, although this may change in the future.

So, for now at least promotions will be based on total playtime as follows:
  • Resident - Play for a total of 32 hours (1 Day 8 Hours).
  • Citizen    - Play for a total of 64 hours (2 Days 16 Hours).
  • Veteran   - Play for a total of 256 hours (10 Days 16 Hours).
I have updated the 'Ranks' page and the information at spawn. 

I've also manually promoted a few players that I know were overdue for a promotion and would have had to have waited longer because of these changes. If you're affected by this (you already have more than 7 unique days but don't have the 32 hours total playtime) then please open a ticket within the next couple of days and I will promote you manually asap.