Saturday 30 April 2016

Minimap Change - Important If You Use Waypoints

Anyone who played DiggyVerse 1.x will know that the minimap mod we use changed when we updated to DiggyVerse 2.x.

For 1.x we used the REI Minimap, as used in Tekkit Classic and many other modpacks, but unfortunately that mod is no longer in development and the author did not want to release the source code to allow someone else to take over.

When we were putting 2.x together we tried out every minimap mod we could find in search of a suitable replacement, and we ended up settling for MapWriter for a number of reasons.

A few Minimap mods have been updated over the past couple of months and as several players have noticed small but annoying glitches in MapWriter, which is no longer receiving updates for 1.7.10, we decided to try out the other maps again.

So, in the next update MapWriter will be replaced by another minimap mod (we are currently testing and comparing two possible options).

Whichever option we go with any waypoints you currently have will be lost, so we would suggest taking a copy of the coordinates etc if they're important to you.

The update will be released within the next few days.